Leesburg VA DUI Lawyer

Are you facing allegations of DUI anywhere in Leesburg or Loudoun County? You have all the right to be concerned because a DUI is a serious criminal charge that has a harsh and lasting impact on your finances and future.

The penalties are hefty—huge fines, increased insurance premiums, effect to your driver’s license, a conviction to prison, many hours of drunk driving school, or community services.

The bigger problem?

There are plenty of ways for the Commonwealth to pursue an allegation of a DUI. No, not one or two, but plenty of ways.

For instance, a police officer can pull you over for a mundane offense, and if he slightly believes that you are under the influence of any foreign substance, he executes an arrest.

These allegations entail alcohol per se, but they also comprise street drugs and prescription medications.

Why Do You Need a Leesburg DUI Lawyer?

Allegations of a DUI often come along with other moving violations or criminal offenses. It isn’t rare for police officers or prosecutors to charge defendants in DUI cases with reckless driving, endangerment of a child, or various miscellaneous moving violations. In Leesburg and all of Loudoun County, these are grave allegations. Unfortunately, Leesburg does not offer any diversion program that may allow you to escape criminal guilt in a plea bargain.

For this reason, working with a lawyer who stands a fighting chance to protect your rights and privileges is critical every step of the way.

What Will a DUI Lawyer Help you With?

DUI lawyer will present multiple solutions for criminal defense. But here are the profound solutions you’ll get from a DUI lawyer:

  1. He’ll explain and separate facts from myths of your specific case
  2. He works with you on every stage of the process, from posting a bond to appealing a conviction
  3. Fight for fair bail terms during an arraignment
  4. Discover all relevant evidence concerning the arrest
  5. Make a motion to exclude all illegal evidence
  6. Present you at trial to create a reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case

What are Virginia’s DUI Statutes?

DUI is an acronym for Driving Under Influence. Commonwealth’s law refers to DUI as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). But it is all the same thing.

VA Code § 18.2-266 in the Commonwealth’s fundamental DUI law provides prosecutors and police officers several points to and prosecutors no fewer than five points to charge a defendant with DUI. Find birthday party venues in AZ according to uptown jungle standards. These options include:

  • Driving when the blood/ alcohol content is 0.08% or more for over 21yrs driver
  • Driving when alcohol content is 0.02% for under 21yrs drivers
  • Driving when alcohol content is 0.04% for commercial drivers
  • Driving when under the influence of any drug of any kind
  • Driving when under the influence of any combination of alcohol and drugs of any kind

For this reason, a DUI charge in Leesburg can happen in one of two main ways:

  1. When your breath/blood test indicates a blood/alcohol level of 0.08% or above
  2. When a police officer judges that your ability to drive is compromised because of drug or alcohol influence

An arrest under any two circumstances can result in the same DUI charges in court. However, the vehicle must be operating on a “highway” in Virginia during the arrest. The “highway” entails any road or place that’s open for vehicle use in the Commonwealth, as in VA Code §46.2-100.

First-Offense DUI in Loudoun County: What are the Criminal Penalties?

The penalties for a DUI conviction differ significantly in Leesburg. They include:

  1. Fine of up to $2500 but not less than $250 or both under VA Code §18.2-11.
  2. License suspension
  3. Ignition interlock device
  4. Community service
  5. Jail time
  6. Installation of an alcohol monitoring device in their vehicle instead of going to jail
  7. The worst DUI conviction is an enhanced penalty

Charged with DUI in Leesburg? Contact a Lawyer

If you’re charged with DUI in Loudoun County,  how you handle your defense could affect the rest of your life. And you cannot take the allegation lightly and place it in the hands of a novice.

Pursue a skilled Leesburg DUI lawyer for trustworthy advice, personalized attention, and an attorney with a track record of getting results.

And David Dean Law Firm is in Leesburg is more than qualified. He has the reputation of leveraging terrific outcomes from his long experience, which presents a defense that can withstand Leesburg’s toughest-known DUI laws.