Assault and Battery Attorney in Arlington, VA

Assault and Battery Attorney in Arlington, VA

When dealing with assault and battery charges in Arlington, VA, or Fairfax, VA, you need an attorney who will fight for you. Let our premier assault attorney at David Dean Law deliver the support and results you need during this difficult period.

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Arlington Assault and Battery Lawyer Who Puts Your Legal Rights First

If you are facing charges, our Arlington assault and battery lawyer can help you understand the nature of the accusation against you. Legal terms each have specific definitions and penalties. Our assault attorney can help you translate legal language into clear terms that you can understand.

It’s common to hear the term “assault” being used loosely, but legally, it has a more complex meaning. The terms “aggravated assault” and “assault and battery” add further confusion, leading many Arlington or Fairfax residents to feel overwhelmed and unsure when dealing with such charges.

Whether you are facing charges of assault, aggravated assault, or assault and battery, it’s important to have a trusted assault lawyer on your side who understands your situation and puts your protection as a priority. Partner with David Dean Law’s Arlington battery assault lawyer to receive the full attention and support your case deserves.

Understanding Assault and Battery Charges in Arlington, VA

Facing assault and battery charges can be a confusing and stressful experience. While these terms are often used together, they represent distinct legal offenses with different elements and consequences.

Assault: The Threat of Harm

Imagine someone clenching their fists and stepping towards you menacingly. That's assault – the intentional creation of a reasonable fear of immediate physical harm or offensive contact. No actual physical contact is necessary. Even verbal threats, chasing someone, or throwing a missed punch can constitute assault.

Battery: Unlawful Physical Contact

Battery, on the other hand, involves actual offensive physical contact without consent. It's the unwelcome touch that violates someone's personal space and integrity. Punches, shoves, grabs, and even unwanted brushing against someone can all be considered battery.

Types of Arlington Assault Charges

Assault charges are classified into different categories based on the severity of the offense. The three most commonly recognized categories of assault charges are simple assault, aggravated assault, and sexual assault.

Simple assault

A misdemeanor charge that involves causing or threatening physical harm without a deadly weapon or the intent to inflict serious injury.

Aggravated assault

A felony charge that involves inflicting serious, potentially lethal harm, often with a deadly weapon.

Sexual assault

A felony charge that involves sexual contact without consent.

If you’re facing any of these charges in Arlington, Virginia, it’s important to seek legal guidance from a lawyer for assault immediately. David Deane Law’s battery lawyer can help you understand the charges and potential penalties, protect your rights, and build a strong defense.

Penalties for Assault and Battery in Arlington, VA

It’s essential to know your rights if you’re charged with assault and battery in Arlington, VA. The consequences can be severe. Below is a breakdown of the penalties in Arlington:

Misdemeanor Assault and Battery:

Maximum penalty: 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Sentencing range: Determined by individual case factors and criminal history.

Racially motivated: Mandatory minimum 30-day jail sentence.

Felony Assault and Battery:

  • Upgraded from a misdemeanor for:
    • Serious bodily injury.
    • Assaulting specific individuals such as police, first responders, or teachers.
    • Other aggravating factors.
  • Potential sentence: Minimum 6 months of incarceration.

How Can David Deane Law’s Lawyer for Assault Overcome Roadblocks and Help Fight for Your Rights?

When it comes to assault charges, you need an experienced assault lawyer who can confidently navigate the legal challenges and hurdles that come with it. At David Deane Law, our lawyer for assault provides aggressive representation to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Trust our battery lawyer to stand by your side and fight for your rights.

Common Assault Defense Roadblocks

A battery assault lawsuit can be a complex and challenging legal battle. Three key roadblocks can make it difficult to succeed:


Did the alleged victim willingly accept the risk of harm, as in contact sports or consensual physical play? Consent can significantly weaken an assault claim.


Law enforcement officers, for example, have legal privilege to use force under certain circumstances during arrests or to subdue a threat.


Was the defendant's action a justified response to an imminent threat posed by the plaintiff? Proving self-defense can exonerate the accused.

Navigating these intricacies and building a strong defense requires legal expertise. David Deane Law’s Arlington assault lawyer has extensive experience successfully defending clients against assault charges and civil lawsuits. Our assault attorney will:

Analyze the specifics of your case

Each situation is unique, and we'll meticulously assess the details to identify the most effective defense strategy.

Challenge evidence and witness testimony:

We'll meticulously review evidence and testimonies, identifying inconsistencies and weaknesses to build a persuasive counter-narrative.

Fight for favorable outcomes

We'll aggressively negotiate with prosecutors and opposing counsel to seek the best possible outcome for your case, including dismissal of charges, reduced penalties, or favorable settlements.

The challenges of assault and battery charges can be intricate. For instance, self-defense or defense of others can negate both assault and battery charges if properly presented.

Additionally, the severity of the charges and potential penalties can vary depending on the specific circumstances, such as the victim’s age or relationship to the accused, or the presence of aggravating factors like weapons or hate crimes.

Don’t face a battery assault lawsuit alone. David Deane Law’s battery assault lawyer is dedicated to providing you with the legal support and expertise you need. Call our assault attorney today for a free consultation.

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Questions about Assault and Battery Charges in Arlington, or Fairfax, VA? David Deane Law’s Lawyer for Assault Has Answers!

We acknowledge that each case is distinct and needs a customized approach. Our dedicated battery assault lawyer is committed to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

Remember, you are not alone. Call our experienced assault and battery lawyer at David Deane Law today for a free consultation and let our assault attorney guide you through this challenging time.

Presenting a Strong Defense Against Assault And Battery

If you face assault and battery charges, you may also be facing prison time. You need an assault and battery lawyer who is determined and serious about fighting for you, one with the experience and knowledge to succeed. At David Deane, Attorney at Law, PLLC, I defend individuals in the criminal justice system charged with assault and battery. I am a strong advocate for the rights of defendants charged with violent crimes and will seek the best possible outcome under the facts of your case.

What Is Assault And Battery?

Generally, assault is the threat of violence, and battery is any violent or unwanted touching. These charges vary by state, and the names of the two crimes are often used interchangeably. In some states, they are not considered separate offenses. Actions such as hitting, kicking, punching, or pushing are considered to be assaults. Many other actions, such as grabbing or spitting, can also lead to these charges. I represent clients accused of any such charges.

What Are Some Types of Assaults?

Assaults occur for a variety of reasons. Many assaults or battery charges stem from simple assault. In these cases, I show that you were acting in self-defense and are not a violent criminal. A person who intentionally, maliciously, and seriously injures another person causing permanent harm is a Class 2 felony known as aggravated assault. Assaults of a sexual nature are treated differently by the law. In all cases, I present a strong defense in an attempt to preserve your freedom.

What Are Some Types of Assaults?

Most states have various assault charges, such as aggravated assault or assault in the first degree. Depending on the facts of your case, the state may choose to charge you with a higher-level crime than is necessary. I work to get your charges reduced through a variety of pretrial motions. I also fight to get clients the most lenient sentence possible under the circumstances.

For a committed defense, call a Virginia criminal law attorney who will fight for you.

If you face assault or battery charges, you need a strong defense from an experienced attorney in Fairfax, Va. Call David Deane, Attorney at Law, PLLC at 703-879-4204, or contact me online to schedule your consultation at my Arlington, Virginia office.