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Arlington, VA DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyers in Arlington VAThere are hundreds of DUI lawyers in Arlington, VA, but in the event you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, whether that be the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will need a knowledgeable Arlington DUI lawyer that can use their professional experience to help you to prepare for any convictions or serious consequences. An Arlington DUI lawyer will be responsible for getting all the necessary evidence and interviewing any witnesses if any.

By having a good legal defense, it can help to prevent convictions. However, if a conviction is unavoidable, then they can help to reduce the charges. So, if you have a DUI charge in Arlington, then it is in your best interest that you get a DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Retaining A DUI Lawyer

In order for you to walk away without any jail time or convictions, you will need a very experienced DUI lawyer. This lawyer will know exactly what needs to be done from the traffic stop to the very end of your case.

An excellent Arlington DUI lawyer has the depth of experience, skills and even essential resources before facing a judge. In the event that you’ve been charged with a DUI for drugs, then you can contact an Arlington criminal lawyer that will render any legal assistance that is needed.

Potential Penalties for an Arlington DUI

If you have been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, then this is a class one misdemeanor, which can be seen under section §18.2-266 and §18.2-270 of the Virginia Code. The minimum fine for this misdemeanor is $250, which depends heavily on the levels of alcohol in your system. The higher your (BAC) levels are, the higher the chances of you going to jail. There are also more significant penalties for recidivists, meaning if you’re a commercial driver or if this new offense is within 10 years of another offense.


A DUI conviction can have many collateral consequences; however, this is dependent on the individual and their particular case. Basically, if this case is a first, second, or third defense, this will play a large role in the severity of collateral consequences. Now, depending on the consequences, you may need to call an expert Arlington criminal attorney.

Your Insurance Premiums Can Rise After a DUI Conviction

Unfortunately, a common consequence of having a DUI conviction is that your insurance company will increase its premium. Basically, once you have been convicted, the insurance company will recognize you as a higher liability, which means they will raise your insurance rates.

Loss of Job or Career

If you have a jobing requiring a certain security clearance or requiring that you don’t have a criminal record you may have an issue. Basically, after conviction, the chances are high that these clearances will be taken away, and you can possibly lose your job. However, an experienced Arlington DUI Attorney can help prevent this from potentially occurring and do their best to make sure you don’t lose your livelihood.

Facing an Arlington DUI Charge

There is a multitude of people who get charged with a DUI yearly. Court dates, fines, and fees are only the start of a DUI. The consequences can be extensive. Hiring an Arlington DUI lawyer is your best bet in getting a favorable outcome, depending on your charge. An accomplished DUI lawyer can thoroughly usher you through the entire process, and inform you of the upcoming case’s expectations. The legal system can be overwhelming, and this is why hiring a DUI lawyer in the Arlington area can be stress-relieving.

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